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Workhorse Fitness & Nutrition presents The Recovery Room

Welcome to The Recovery Room: Relax Recover Repeat

Yo, San Diego! It's time to Relax, Recover, and Repeat. My name is Gary Ransom San Diego's top professional trainer, CEO of Workhorse Fitness & Nutrition and former college athlete! I dedicate a lot of my success in business due to my mentality.

Athlete mentality and recovery

As an athlete you work on your craft, your body studying film on your self and your opponent ,and getting your mind right to gain a mental advantage just for 1 game a week August -December. The offseason is 6 months of preparation and work just for 13 -14 games a year.... mind blowing right. Unfortunately, in a couple of off-season's I faced obstacles such as back surgery and quad surgery. ATHLETES know coming back from an injury requires 100% effort and enthusiasm in your process daily. Not to get back to playing the sport that you love but to be even better than you were before. Putting your body on the line without RECOVERING could lead to a short career, especially the higher level of competition.

I am thankful that I valued the recovery process such physical therapy, ice baths, hot tubs, compression therapy, stretching, and scrapping tool to name a few tactics that I believe were critical to me get myself back to playing at a higher level without pain. My belief in this process for lifestyle clients and other athletes is no different. And from that, The Recovery Room was born.

What is The Recovery Room ?

Our mission is to provide a spa-like experience that promotes recovery, reduces inflammation and pain, and improves overall wellbeing. At The Recovery Room, we're passionate about helping our clients achieve optimal health and wellness. We believe that everyone has the potential to feel their best, and we striving to become San Diego's Recovery spot!

Our services

Our services include:

- Infrared Sauna

- Compression Recovery Boots

- Localized Cryotherapy

- Cold Plunge

- Tens Unit

Our recovery services are designed to help athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals seeking alternative therapies for pain management and stress relief. Over the next 6 months ,Workhorse fitness & Nutrition will be sharing valuable in formation each of the services, who it would be good for, recommended protocol , addictive video content highlighting benefits for our clients, and promos to try out the Recovery Room on our blogs.

Book an Appointment

Come by to meet me so my team and I can take care of your recovery needs. We located inside of Werk Fitness in San Diego Ca and we do require an appointment. Book an appointment today and experience the benefits of our personalized care and attention. Take 15% off on your first booking , use promo code: FIRSTRECOVER

The Recovery Room San Diego CA
Infrared Sauna

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If you want to learn more about Coach Ransom's amazing recovery in College

Akron Children's Hospital

Mar 18. 2016

At 6' tall, 230 pounds, Gary Ransom isn't the average-sized patient at Akron Children's. And, as his physical therapists will tell you, he isn't the average athlete either.

After suffering a season-ending knee injury last year, this Walsh University senior is ready to the return to football this fall with newfound strength and improved technique thanks to intense determination and physical therapy.

Gary's road to recovery at Akron children's Hospital
Gary Ransom Physical therapy

Gary Ransom
Akron children's Hospital physical therapy

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