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Good Vibes 

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I took a lot of my favorite foods that I’ve enjoyed eating and made them healthier so that you can look forward to eating these foods as well. Enjoying and looking forward to my meals everyday has allowed me to stay fit mentally and physically. Most importantly these recipes will leave an amazing taste in your mouth without the guilt

 I first shared some of these same recipes with my clients over the past 5 years as a certified nutrition coach as I’ve successfully guided thousands of clients through mental and physical transformation. Through this process, I couldn’t ignore that the common mistakes they were making were around their nutrition. There are many barriers you face when trying to eat healthy. We like to be inspired when it comes to food. No one enjoys cookie-cutter meal plans, bland recipes, or eating the same thing every day. Instead of worrying about what to eat and how it’s going to affect our bodies, we should embrace food freedom—freedom to create flavorful meals, but in a more calorie-conscious way; freedom to indulge occasionally while being mindful of portions; and freedom to achieve wellness goals without breaking the bank.

For example, misunderstanding calories in vs. calories out, quality of calories, learning how to successfully meal prep, having the time to prep and many more. I am directly attacking each of those barriers to provide you with a framework for success in your healthy lifestyle journey. All of these recipes are fairly quick and easy to make so that cooking doesn’t come one of your other many jobs that you may be juggling. So if we can do it, you can too!

One of the most important and often confusing parts of cooking with a recipe can be measuring the ingredients. Not only will you be getting amazing recipes BUT you also will learn :

How to track calories

How to track macros

How to meal prep for success

And much more ! 

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